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Nature Writing Workshop with Zakiya McKenzie

Sunday 26th Sept. 11.30am - 12.30pm BST (Online)

Join Zakiya McKenzie for a workshop that celebrates and explores nature in new ways through writing

Zakiya McKenzie is a poet, non-fiction writer and storyteller, and was writer-in-residence for Forestry England in 2019 and Bristol’s Black & Green Ambassador in 2017. She regularly leads nature, art and writing workshops, including one on Caribbean storytelling for primary schools. Her work has featured at the Cabot Institute for the Environment at the University of Bristol, the Institute for Modern Languages Research at the University of London, the Hepworth Wakefield Gallery, the Free Word Centre, at Cheltenham Literature Festival, on BBC’s Woman’s Hour, Farming Today and Inside Out West. She has written for Smallwoods Magazine, The Willowherb Review and BBC Wildlife Magazine. A volunteer at Ujima Community Radio Station, she speaks regularly on the changes needed to ensure black, indigenous and people of colour are equally represented in the environmental movement.

In this writing workshop we will explore uncertainty and nature writing through poetry and prose on topics that are fraught with feelings of the unknown.  We will find ways of conveying the beauty, usefulness or comfort of the natural world against fears and anxieties of human emotion within or about it. How does nature show up in writings that convey unsure or unwanted feelings and what can we learn about the natural (or built) environment through these topics and styles?  By looking at text that write through environmental disruption or shifts, this workshop will explore how we can write and reconcile an appreciation for what is here and now while acknowledging uncertainty.

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Supported by the University of Aberdeen Creative Writing Society 

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