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Pop-up Performance by Syrian Singers Kinda Samara & Ali Al Daioub

Sunday 24th September, 2.15-2.45pm & 4.30-5pm BST
Main Hall King's Pavilion, King's College Campus University of Aberdeen  

Hear Kinda Samara and Ali Al Daioub perform some of the beautiful songs of Syria and Iraq in these rare pop-up performances together. 

Kinda Samara was born in Damascus, Syria and has lived in Scotland for thirteen years. She studied Law and Theology but has ended up singing and dancing. She was in a band with her brother playing music mixed from many countries. She speaks several languages, has worked as a translator and is a keen photographer. Her mellifluous voice and moving interpretations of songs have regularly delighted audiences in Aberdeen and elsewhere. 

Ali Al Daioub is a freelance Syrian journalist, who has spent more than 25 years in journalism in Syria and the Arab world. He joined his wife in 2004 after she started her studies in Scotland. As a child in a village home with as yet no TV, he studied the Quran in the mornings under his father’s tutelage and in the evenings sang poems from the Sufi tradition for guests. The sad beauty of the melodies and his parents’ voices also influenced him. Alongside reading, singing is his lifetime hobby.

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