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South Asian Dance Performance by Shashwati Pattwakar Vinod

Sunday 25th September
5 pm BST

King's Pavilion
, University of Aberdeen King's Campus 


Accomplished South Asian Classical Dancer Shashwati Pattwakar Vinod gives a pop-up performance. Don't miss it.

Shashwati Pattwakar Vinod is 15 years old and a keen dancer. She completed her diploma in Classical dancing (Bharatanatyam) with a distinction at the age of 14, following which she was awarded the title of “Natya Kala Jyothi”. She is also a Mohiniyattam and Kuchipudi dancer.

She has performed at several international classical dance festivals in India, the Middle East, and the UK. At the age of 11, she successfully performed a full solo classical dance concert of 9 full performances. She is an empanelled artist of the prestigious All India International Dancers Association.

At the age of 7 she was the lead dancer for a performance in the Great Big Dance Show at HMT (His Majesty’s Theatre) and subsequently had the rare opportunity of presenting her performance for the Scottish parliament.

She won the 2021-22 OJAS International Bharatanatyam competition as well as 6 other international Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, and modern dancing competitions, competing with 600 other participants, this year.

She is also the winner of the prestigious titles of “Natya Kala Bhramari”, “Abhinaya Natya Kala Thilakam” and “Natya Kalamani” following her performances at international classical dance festivals.

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