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Sea Shanty Workshop with Chris McShane

Thursday 23rd Sept. 5.30pm - 7pm BST (Online)

Chris McShane is a Yorkshire-based, freelance musician and instrumental teacher who delivers workshops at festivals and summer schools all over the UK and in Europe. Closer to home he organises the Rafter’s Ukulele Club, Uke Power Festival, is MD of the Penistone Folk Ensemble, and formerly worked as Barnsley Music Service’s Curriculum Development Officer.


Chris’s approach to musical participation is inclusive and he welcomes anyone onto his courses, which appeal to those who’ve wielded their instruments or voices in anger before, and also those who’ve put it off all their lives. The idea of this workshop is to learn some popular shanties and have a go at writing a modern version that we could later perform and record.


This event is brought to you in partnership with Scottish Culture and Traditions Associations’ SC&T Youth

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