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Writing Comedy with QI's Dan Schreiber 


Friday 24th Sept. 7.30pm - 8.30pm BST (Online)

Join us for a conversation with the host of the UK's most listened to podcast, No Such Thing as a Fish

Dan Schreiber, QI Elf, co-host of the UK’s most listened to podcast No Such Thing As A Fish and producer on award- winning comedy shows, shares his insights into writing and producing comedy for screen and radio. With experience producing and writing for shows such as The Museum of Curiosity and Frank Skinner’s The Rest is History, alongside a long-standing role researching for QI, he brings over ten years of stories and knowledge about the industry and the art form. He also co-developed the Freakonomics spin-off show Tell Me Something I Don’t Know with Stephen J. Dubner.


His development background includes working in-house for the BBC’s Quiz Unit, RDF’s Fact Ent department, and running Warner Music Entertainment’s comedy arm, Comedybox, where he produced projects with everyone from Jimmy Carr and Rhys Darby to legendary director Ken Russell and Paul McCartney.

Supported by Centre Stage Theatre Company 

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