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#PrecarityStory Documentary Screening and Q&A with Film-maker Isabel Seguí

Wednesday 20th September, 3-4pm BST
Main Hall King's Pavilion, King's College Campus University of Aberdeen  

Made in the context of the 2018-2020 industrial actions in the United Kingdom, #PrecarityStory (2020), an activist documentary by Isabel Seguí and Lorena Cervera, is every bit as relevant today. Watch the unfolding of a day in the life of a precariously employed academic and cleaner. Q&A with Isabel to follow.


#PrecarityStory is an activist documentary inserted in the context of the 2018-2020 industrial actions in the United Kingdom. Its title references a hashtag used on Twitter by precarious academic workers to share their stories. The directors, Lorena and Isabel, made the film as precarious university workers, while researching the cinematic practices and politics of Latin American women documentary filmmakers. The main feature that this project shares with Latin American women’s practices is that the production process is based on a collaborative relation between filmmakers and film-subjects. Isabel, the main film subject, participates in the decision making, from the politics behind the film to how her character is narratively and aesthetically represented and mediated. The film challenges the traditional class identity of the academic elites and their unjustifiable nostalgia for the ivory tower. Thus, its objective is to provide the audience with an opportunity to reflect not only on the consequences of neoliberal policies in higher education in the UK but also on the issues of class, race and gender at stake in the current crisis of the institution.


Born in the Spanish state in 1973, Isabel Seg is a feminist film historian and Lecturer at the University of St Andrews, with an expertise in Latin American working-class women’s cinematic practices in non-fiction formats. Her research work has been recognised with awards by the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies (BAFTSS Awards 2019) and published in different journals and edited collections in Europe and the Americas. She has recently completed a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship for a three-year postdoctoral project on women’s nonfiction filmmaking in Peru. The collaborative nature of this documentary about her life as a precarious worker mirrors her own research interests, turning it into an action-research project.

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