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Maya MacGregor 

Thursday 22nd September 
Hazlehead Academy (Livestreamed on Instagram)

Maya's head shot (credit to _Max Crawford Photography).jpg

‘Queer elder entie’ and Glaswegian writer Maya MacGregor discusses queerness and autism in their thrilling young adult debut, The Many Half-Lived Lives of Sam Sylvester. 

Maya MacGregor (they/them) lives with their two cats, Tara and Willow, in Glasgow, Scotland. After writing over fifteen novels under the pseudonym Emmie Mears, Maya has published their young adult debut novel, The Many Half-Lived Lives of Sam Sylvester, in which they explore two subjects that are close to their heart: queerness and autism. Like their protagonist Sam, Maya is autistic; both envision autism as a gift to help people around them: Sam to solve a 30-year-old murder mystery and Maya to create a literary space for queer and autistic young people like the one they longed for while growing up.

Maya not only develops their creativity in writing but also in singing. A fervent lover of Gaelic, they are an award-winning choral and solo Gaelic singer. They can be found on Instagram (@maigheach), posting Dutch baby pancakes weekly.


This event will take place at Hazlehead Academy in Aberdeen, Scotland. Maya MacGregor will be in conversation with Diane Scott, Hazlehead’s library resource centre coordinator.

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