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Queer Tongues Writing Workshop with Fer Boyd and Madeleine Stack

Thursday 21st September, 11am-12noon BST
King's Studio,
King's Pavilion, King's College Campus University of Aberdeen  

What imaginary community can we gather around us when writing about labyrinthine identities and kaleidoscopic feelings? This workshop led by authors Fer Boyd and Madeleine Stack will offer a new toolkit for creative writing, focusing on how we might explore genders and identities through surreal bodies, casts of characters in conversation, and many-tongued mascots.

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Fer Boyd and Madeleine Stack are writers, artists, and editors of Canal, a cooperative queer press collecting experimental and radical texts in English and Spanish. Individually, they released the fiction and poetry collections Frot the World and Chaos Rehearsals with Canal in 2022, and have been published widely including by Prototype, Extra Extra, Hotel, Sticky Fingers, SALT and Another Gaze. Together, they have collaborated on projects that experiment with text beyond the page including Portable Monument (2019) an audio-essay on intimacy across hemispheres commissioned by the BBC and ICA; the performances God’s Gloryhole (SLUG, Leipzig, 2022) and Gilding the Rim (Forma, London, 2023) exploring persuasion, pleasure and disaster; and the exhibition Death Drive (Outer Space, Australia, 2020) from which they are currently developing a film that asks what can be done with the extreme, whipped-up energy produced by a near-death experience.

This event is supported by

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George Washington Wilson Centre

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