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Elliptical Reading - British Art Show 9 at Central Library

Tuesday 21st Sept. 5.30pm - 7pm BST (Online)

What exactly is an ‘elliptical reading’ and how is it a work of art? There’s only one way to find out… 

Abigail Reynolds’ work embraces sculpture, collage, moving image and performance. Inspired by her deep love of books and libraries she has created a series of ‘elliptical readings’ at Aberdeen Central Library in which a small group of diverse local readers share small sections of a chosen book in repeated cycles of listening and reading aloud. Copies of these books are then rebound with an original artwork cover to be discovered via map of the library. Abigail will be in conversation with WayWORD Creative Director Helen Lynch, who has seen the project grow from its inception. There will be an online screening of Elliptical Reading followed by in-conversation event with the artist and some of the elliptical readers.  


Covid 19 restrictions permitting, there may also be a small number of in-person tickets available to attend this event at Aberdeen Central Library. If you would like to be considered for one of these in-person tickets please email Even so, please book online tickets as well. 


The British Art Show is a landmark touring exhibition organised every five years by Hayward Gallery, London, celebrating the vitality of recent art made in Britain. The 9th tour in 2021 takes place in Aberdeen, Wolverhampton, Manchester and Plymouth. 


Elliptical Readings by Abigail Reynolds is presented by Aberdeen Art Gallery & Hayward Gallery in partnership with Aberdeen City Libraries.  

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