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Drag, Community, and Queer Joy

Wednesday 20th September, 1-2 pm BST
Main Hall King's Pavilion, King's College Campus University of Aberdeen  

Join local drag performers, Sleepy and Cadenza, for a talk about the Aberdeen drag scene, the creation of LGBTQ+ communities, and queer joy. Sleepy and Cadenza host the Aberdonian drag show, Joy on Tap.

At their bi-weekly events, Joy on Tap bring together amazing drag talent from across Scotland and beyond. Through this work, people in the North East have an opportunity to engage with drag performances, experience unique acts, and come together as a community.


Sleepy ( is your resident visual artist based in Aberdeen, bringing a little extra sparkle to the granite city. She is passionate about creating a safe, welcoming, and creative community-led space for everyone.


When Cadenza (@callmedadenza) performs, you can never expect to see the same thing twice. If there’s a strange way to do something, she’s on the same page but in a different book. Based in Dundee/Aberdeen, she is part of the Haus of Pointe.

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This event is supported by

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George Washington Wilson Centre

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