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Doric Dwams

Saturday 24th September
12.30pm & repeated 3pm BST

King's Pavilion, University of Aberdeen King's Campus

Doric Dwams was commissioned by SOUND Festival in partnership with UoA WORD Centre for Creative Writing as part of the Wirds an Soonds project involving North-East Scots, cello and musical composition in schools 2019-2021. Doric Dwams grew out of a series of haiku in North-East dialect by writer Shane Strachan and a collaboration between musician-composer Aileen Sweeney and cellist Emily De Simone. Premièred online in 2021, these performances at WayWORD are among the first in-person renditions of this evocative piece. Don’t miss the chance to catch these fleeting and atmospheric performances.

These performances are sponsored by Sound Festival and UoA WORD Centre for Creative Writing

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