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Dead Women Poets Seance

Jasmine_simms_tour_2020 2.jpg

Sunday 26th Sept. 7.30pm - 9pm BST (online)

A live online event resurrecting some of the women poets of the past, highlighting an astonishing but often forgotten literary heritage

Who are the Dead Women Poets? How dead are they? And what is our relationship to them, as contemporary women, poets, artists, ‘queens of the whole world’? 


Since 2015, poets Helen Bowell and Jasmine Simms, together with artist Lily Arnold have been resurrecting women poets of the past. In live events (called séances) and online, they aim to highlight women's astonishing but too-often forgotten literary heritage and open up conversations between living writers and their great-great-grandmothers. Living poets are able to commune with the departed writers, reading their poems to a candle-lit audience and reflecting on how their chosen Dead Women Poets have influenced them. The séances usually feature an open mic section, where audience members can resurrect a Dead Woman Poet of their choice, too.  


An open collective who love to collaborate, they also make zines, commission new work by poets inspired by writers of the past and get involved in lots of other ghoulish stuff, like guest-editing Modern Poetry in Translation in 2020. 

Supported by the University of Aberdeen Feminist Society 

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