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From Page to Wave: Audio Book Adaptation Behind the Scenes

Saturday 30th September, 3-4pm BST
Aberdeen Central Library, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen 

From page to wave, May Toudic, Drew Frankie Victorie and Megan John will take the audience behind the scenes of adapting a novel into an audio drama series and treat us to a live performance of scenes from Murray Mysteries and Morland P.I., full-cast audio-drama queer reimaginings of classic literary texts. Followed by a Q&A.

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Drawing from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Murray Mysteries follows Mina Murray, an unemployed twenty-something, jigsaw puzzler, and brand new podcaster. Her life doesn’t exactly make for interesting content. That is until her best friend Lucy falls mysteriously ill and Mina’s boyfriend Jonathan loses contact on a work trip to Castle Dracula. Morland P.I. reimagines Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey in the present day, following Kit Morland, true crime podcaster and wannabe heroine. When her neighbours offer to take her on a trip to Bath – site of the famous Chawton Murders - she knows this is her chance to investigate the unsolved mystery. But from the boisterous siblings to intriguing women with an eye for fabrics, Kit’s new environment is full of distractions. 

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